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"The Labor of Being an American" Yonkers Tribune
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The Labor of Being an American by Ginger Berlin

The Labor of Being An American By Ginger Berlin
Posted on Tuesday, May 06 @ 00:00:00 EDT by eHezi

Within the past ten years, a surge of groups, that I coin “restoration activists,” has sprung to life invigorating the American spirit of liberty. The image of the 1960s hippie activists has given way to a new image of professionalism and intelligent foresight. Their presence is exploding via websites and email groups. Organized out of frustration and or being a casualty of abuse by our government, these organizations hold a deep commitment to our Constitution. They have a tremendous uphill battle in awakening the public to a myriad of unconstitutional denials and infringements. What these grassroots activists lack in financial resources, they compensate for by their undying dedication. The groups’ range in focus from restoring our Second Amendment rights, to property rights, to civil liberties, and to justice in the courts. While each organization has significant importance, this particular column focuses on an organization seeking legal reform.

My eyes were opened wider than a deer caught in one’s high beams when assisting in two pro se cases before federal and state courts. Like most things in life, until something directly affects you we tend to ignore the subject, never giving it a second thought. I had always presumed our court system was conducting itself within the legal parameters of our Constitution, demanding a high standard of ethics from individuals involved within our judicial structure. How quickly I was proven wrong. My newfound education in our justice system resulted in awareness of one particular group of “restoration activists” known as A Matter of Justice Coalition (AMOJ).

AMOJ defines itself, as “. . . dedicated to returning constitutional law to the "sovereign individuals" of this country, as is fully guaranteed by our Bill of Rights and Constitution.” That statement led me to research more on AMOJ . As a result, I have formed two opinions:

1. The judicial system is far in worse condition than I realized;

2. AMOJ is leading the way to restoration of legitimacy, integrity, and due process to the legal system.

They are highly organized and are on the front lines, not just for their members, but also for our Republic.

Dr. Jacob Roginsky is the Founder and President of AMOJ. His personal background is as impressive as his education and career. He holds a Doctorate in theoretical nuclear physics –obviously, Dr. Roginsky has commanding mental abilities. (Now you see that new image of activism.) Yet what impressed me most when reading his bio is that he is a Russian immigrant who not only has contributed to his new nation in academia and scientific research, but also through his efforts to repair our derelict justice system. His passion for constitutional law is rooted in his own experience with the American justice system, which motivated him to form AMOJ.

Roginsky’s life under Soviet communism qualifies him to judge the danger for the nation as a whole, in that he can see the bankrupt direction our justice system is taking. As a teenager in the 70s, Roginsky openly voiced his views against the oppressive Soviet system. He was repeatedly subjected to KGB interrogation, threatened with prosecution and fear of being exiled to
Siberia. Thankfully, for America he has transferred that voice to restoration of constitutional law.

Dr. Roginsky and other members of AMOJ are addressing the nauseating inadequacies and failures of the legal system and the routine abuses of civil and human rights of Americans. AMOJ is not only keenly aware of backroom deals between judges and attorneys, judges who knowingly and deliberately ignore citizens' fundamental rights, even outright bribery, but the AMOJ organization is effectively working to reverse the unconstitutional and illegal tide within our judicial system.

Recently I obtained a flyer from AMOJ, titled "The Fraud of Federal Adjudication." I was stunned; the Pro Se case I assisted with experienced the exact facts AMOJ had presented. Suddenly I realized my experience with the judicial system was not just an isolated incident. Here’s the introduction to the flyer:

“Nothing is as central to the concept of
America as the ideals of liberty and justice for all, which is reflected in the Constitution and the Declaration of Independence. It is the federal judiciary’s primary responsibility to protect our liberty and rights, yet it exhibits nothing but contempt for our liberty and our rights. New federal litigants quickly discover that - contrary to their expectations based on the portrayal by the media - the federal judges throw out their suits regardless of their law and merits. The judiciary feigns respect for the law and justice in high profile cases, but is brutally lawless and unfair in the rest.”

What we are witnessing and what AMOJ pointed out is our system is a system of selective justice. When I read AMOJ’s intro, it hit me – the problems within our courts, [both federal and state] is rampant. Some will contend that judicial conduct review commissions are in place to rectify the fraud and punish abusive judicial behavior – WRONG! Most judges are so highly conjoined to politics that often the only fair shake you can expect on your day in court is around the corner at McDonalds.

The AMOJ Coalition consists of over fifty constitutional, family rights, estate rights, and pro-se rights organizations working towards legal and government reform. This enables AMOJ to reach a vast number of like-minded people all with the same intent of restoring and protecting your liberty. For example, in a joint effort between the Children’s Right’s Council, American Coalition For Fathers and Children and Family Resolution Council, AMOJ secured the
Circuit Court of Charles County’s (Maryland) database. AMOJ is developing software that will scrutinize the data, which will provide evidence of, “extensive improprieties at the courthouse, including "judge shopping" by some of the local attorneys.”

Make no mistake, AMOJ’s members are not disgruntled sore losers out to extract revenge; they are indeed victims of a system that demands repair who simply desire their right to uncorrupted due process. The members do battle on two fronts; combat the injustices rendered upon them in the court as well as dealing with power grabbing political interference. This weaving of politics and justice creates a monumental problem and it is in essence the cause of our legal system’s failure. Israel Weinstock, an active AMOJ member states it quite accurately, “. . . the powerful have managed to make the law irrelevant.”

Some members like Weinstock, are lawyers themselves who have experienced the illegal schemes and bear the pain of being disbarred because they refused to be drawn into the corruption. Imagine having the moral and ethical fortitude to stand-up to the fraud and deception only to be told by your professional peers you may not practice the very law you love and cherished enough to stand up for and tried to protect its value and righteousness: that’s true integrity folks. Israel Weinstock is one of many victims of a system that should be ethically impeccable. He has endured the anguish of doing battle within our judicial system that has spanned nearly two decades. Even a judge highlighted the abuse Israel Weinstock suffered when he wrote the following to Mr. Weinstock.

“As you can see how I have addressed you, I still consider you an Esquire. I read, with interest, the letter you sent me with accompanying documents. Although you wrote that you did not expect a response from me, as you ‘believe I might deem it inappropriate’, I want you to know that I am very much impressed by the contents of your letter and enclosures. I have always had great respect for you as both an attorney and a gentleman, and I’m sorry that you have been subjected to such unwarranted abuse, despite your record as an attorney for a period of over 42 years. I can only say that I hope the future will rectify the injustice.”

I have no knowledge if the responding judge has attempted to rectify the injustices, one can only hope that he like Israel Weinstock and AMOJ will have the same fortitude to right the wrong.

When you find yourself depressed over the continual loss of our “unalienable rights,” take solace in the fact there is AMOJ, whose “restoration activists” are fighting to force effective legal change. They, like "A Matter of Justice," recognize that being an American demands personal labor and sacrifice.

Note: Ginger Berlin's writing was recently published in Barbara Olson’s book, "The Final Days." More of her writing may be found on , where she is a Senior Editor. In addition to her writing, Ginger Berlin is available for public speaking engagements that encompass commentary not often heard in today's politically correct genres.

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