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Overview: Disbarred with Honor
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Summary of the Weinstock Story

News Release
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Disbarred NY Lawyer Accuses U.S. Prosecutors of ‘Foot-Dragging’ in Failure to Obtain Indictment of Well-Connected White Collar Targets; Federal Judge Unwittingly ‘Abetted’ Derailment of Justice; Counsel for Grievance Committee Knowingly Filed Fabricated Charges....

Notice of Motion filed 11/3/03
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ISRAEL WEINSTOCK, being duly sworn, deposes and says: 1. While I am the Plaintiff in the above captioned action, the within action affects not only the Plaintiff but poses two issues which are fundamental to the functioning of our society and particularly the judicial system: can the rich and the powerful evade and avoid prosecution for their criminal behavior by retaining “prestigious” and “well-connected” attorneys...

Memorandum of Law filed 11/3/03
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MEMORANDUM IN SUPPORT OF PLAINTIFF’S MOTION FOR RELIEF FROM JUDGMENT Plaintiff, Israel Weinstock, pro se, presents the argument and verified facts set forth herein to support his accompanying motion for relief from the judgment of this court as set forth in its Memorandum and Order dated May 19, 2003. The relief sought herein is available pursuant to the due process guarantee of the Fifth Amendment....


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